About Us

May your skin glow and your fro grow!

The X's and O's

My Crown of Curls is a natural hair holistic brand based in St. Vincent. Our aim is to educate both men and women on self love and appreciation while giving them the tools to nourish their natural hair and skin through the use of our all natural hair and body products. Our products are not laden with synthetic ingredients and fillers but were carefully selected to ensure that they provide optimum benefits for the hair and skin.

Our Master Mix-tress Ranique John, recognizes that Natural Hair is innately dry and it takes an extra special effort to get it hydrated and to keep it moisturized. That being the case, she has for the past seven years dedicated her time and effort to research ingredients and formulate hair products that focuses on moisturizing natural hair and keeping the scalp clean and nourished. This produce healthy hair growth and promote glowing skin.

In addition to creating Natural Hair and Body Products, she creates YouTube videos that is a source of information for persons who want to learn more about natural hair and skin care.

We hope that you enjoy our products and join the hundreds of persons who have had no regrets from our hair care line and leave us raving reviews.

May your skin glow and your fro grow!