I Was Advised – “Don’t Do It, Those Natural Tresses Will Stress You!”

At a very young age, I loved relaxed hair. I wanted hair just like that. I couldn’t wait to get my first dose of relaxer, anything to make my hair silky soft and “non-steel wool-like.” Yes, that is what my hair was compared to…steel wool! So eventually, I relaxed my hair, I endured the chemical burns for twelve long years. Nothing good comes easily, right? So I thought.

Fast forward…About three years ago, while I was in college, I neglected my hair, and consequently, I had a lot of breakage. During this time, I would binge-watch natural hair videos in admiration, but I was scared to start the new journey. I told my friends and family about my
desire to go natural. They warned me that I would not enjoy it. I was told I am only going to cut all my hair only to relax again in a few months. I remembered what my mother used to say (not hair related)—“you know what you have, but you don’t know what you’re going to get.” I
couldn’t even remember what my natural hair felt like. It would be too stressful; these words resonated with me for a while. Then, of course, the voice on my left shoulder had to say “seriously, how would I look with “man-head” (meaning a very short hair cut in Vincentian colloquial term). I hadn’t even taken the step, and I was already stressed!

As time went by the binge-watching of natural hair videos continued. Let me tell you!!! The natural hair community came with answers to questions I didn’t even think about. Soooo…I decided to transition for eight months; then I finally did the big chop.

I realized I never got to enjoy my natural hair when I was younger because I was not as informed as I am now. Hair grease alone would not suffice. I spent time researching and learning as much as I could about type 4 hair. I was extremely excited to start over! And boy, I became a product junkie. I bought products that natural hair influencers raved about, some I loved and others I wondered why they were even recommended (lol). I slowly realized my hair really loved 100% organic products. Naturally, I felt better when products are free of harmful ingredients, so I leaned towards those products.

I decided to try “My Crown of Curls” products and I loved them! I achieved my very first successful twist-out using her leave-in conditioner on dry hair. Listen! I fell in love with this product and made sure I did not waste it. I also tried the lavender frosted buttercream, the honey almond twisting soufflé, and the hair growth elixir.

I thoroughly enjoyed the products from this line. I am patiently waiting on the deep conditioner. It is very evident that “My Crown of Curls” products were created by someone passionate about what she does and loves natural hair, hence the reason why I trust her with my hair.

To conclude, I no longer see my hair as a burden. Two years and nine months post big chop, and my natural tresses are yet to stress me! There is no crown of curl that a little patience, research, and the right products can’t fix.

Written by: Shekemma Humphrey


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