My Hair Growth Elixir Experiences

My name is Carsha and I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados. Today I’m going to talk about my crown of curls hair growth elixir. I use this on different hair types. My mom has straightened hair and I enjoy using it on her hair. I have a kinky 4a/b texture and it works well on mine as well. Last but by no means least I change my hair often, I mix this elixir in conjunction with my conditioner water for my curly texture weaves. 

The aroma of this oil is divine and the bottle is aesthetically pleasing. The elixir consists of amazing ingredients such as lavender, sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and fenugreek seeds. 

Let’s break down all of the ingredients of the lovely hair growth elixir

Castor oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and omega-6 and -9 beneficial fatty acids. It’s unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio makes it beneficial to skin and hair.

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by getting deep into its follicles. Coconut oil promotes scalp health by fighting against problems such as insect bites, lice, and dandruff. Coconut oil adds luster, shine, and softness to the hair. Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length.

Fenugreek seeds:

  • It is a natural solution to dandruff.
  • It is effective in combating hair fall out by strengthening and nourishing the hair roots.
  • It contains nicotinic acid as well as proteins that stimulate hair growth.
  • ‘Lecithin’ contained in fenugreek seeds helps by imparting shine to your hair and also allows your tresses to retain its natural color. It efficiently treats problems related to sensitive scalps.
  • It conditions hair naturally and improves the texture of your hair.

Like other essential oils, peppermint oil can help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp. When blood is flowing, the nutrients from your body can feed your hair follicles more effectively.

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A (for maintaining healthy cell membranes), B1, B6 (shown to promote hair growth) and E (rich in antioxidants that promote blood and hence nutrient circulation to the scalp).

I make sure to keep at least two so I won’t run out. That says a lot, doesn’t it? I love this product and I hope that those who have tried it before can agree that this is one of the best products to try. 

By Carsha Rawlins

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