Two Strand Twist Out on a Tapered Cut

Every Naturalista has that one style that’s become their signature look. Today I’ll share with you how I achieve my twist out on a tapered cut using a few of my favorite products.

Thankfully, this week is TLC week. What that means is that I take my hair through its tender loving care routine to ensure that I give it a really good treatment and wash. Since I’ve had a shorter cut, I don’t fully wash my hair every week. Instead, I usually wash my hair every 2-3 weeks with a co-wash in between to maintain balance. Plus, I tend to have dry scalp flare-ups from time to time so those washes in between full wash days help to maintain balance and a clean scalp.  This week I did a bentonite clay mask which usually ends up in both my roots and on my face. Bentonite clay is extremely good for ridding the hair of dry scalp, decreasing visible dark marks on the face and causing my curls to pop.

Recipe for Results

My working base recipe usually follows:

2-3 heaping tbsp of bentonite clay to

1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup of water

But honestly, I eyeball the measurements and add or subtract accordingly until I get the right consistency. You don’t want the clay mix to be too clumpy nor too watery so stirring until it’s nice and thick is a good benchmark. I apply the clay mask first to my face and then, as you’ll see below to my hair.

My Method

I usually work this mixture from my hair roots to tips using my fingers to separate coils as I go. It’s critical to ensure that the clay is applied thoroughly and not clumping as this can result in bits and pieces of the clay being left in the hair even after you rinse. I quite like to have the clay working on my face while doing my hair, the tingling is a sensation I can’t quite get over.


While working the clay through my hair, I am careful to separate my hair into manageable sections. I twist each section in a huge two strand twist to avoid tangling any strands. Once all of my head is covered, I’d usually cover the head with a plastic bag for about 30 minutes, but on this occasion, I didn’t have much time so I left my hair open without the plastic bag for the same time and then rinsed out in the shower.

Bentonite Clay Shampoo

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I usually leave my hair in the large two-strand twists for rinsing purpose, then one by one I’d take the twists down and rinse thoroughly. While you’re rinsing it’s a good time to take a peek at the slime and grime as it’s washed out leaving you with fresh, bouncy curls. I opt to dry my hair with a T-Shirt instead of a towel to avoid tangling and wrap it in said T-Shirt until I’m dressed. Now onto the fun part…


Two Strand Twisting

To achieve my signature, look & bouncy curls I always use three products, two of which are My Crown of Curls; the third is EcoStyler Black Castor Oil & Flaxseed Gel. Ranique continues to offer quality products which promote hair growth, health and sheen. The process to achieve this style on a tapered is quite like a full head of hair. I rarely use a comb to part or detangle my curls.

One of the reasons for this is to avoid having “perfect parts” or squares are the root of my twists. I like the idea of having “imperfect parts” as it helps to add volume when I fluff my hair from the roots.

After removing my T-Shirt – a.k.a towel, I find that the water residue in my hair is usually a good start to combine with the product. I’d have my spray bottle handy in case I need to spritz some more. In the spray bottle is often regular water with a hint of essential oil, usually tea tree from time to time.

Hair after Bentonite clay wash

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Using my fingers as my comb, I work my way from the front of my head to the back and begin my two-strand twists. I use My Crown of Curls Peppermint Luxury Whipped Butter and apply My Crown of Curls Hair Growth Elixir to my roots while massaging my scalp. I use a fingertip of the luxury butter because it’s SO RICH! A little goes a long way. Added to this lineup, I use a dot of EcoStyler Black Castor Oil & Flaxseed Gel for added hold – and too slick those edges, because, you know – a girl’s edges are to be intact lol!


Rod set hair prep

Rod set hair prep

After I’ve worked my way around my entire head, I use rod set rollers to secure the curls – see what it looks like below.



Once my twists are secured and rods are in place, I spritz with water one last time and let air dry before I tie my head with my satin scarf and head to bed.

In the morning, the process is quite simple – take out the rods, separate twists, fluff from the roots up! I tend to separate my curls a bit more than normal because I like the wavy look I achieve but tighter curls are just as nice 🙂



Rode set hair after

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When that’s all done, I use a curling sponge to add a bit of texture to my tapered sides and that’s it. At night, sometimes I retwist and other times I don’t. Either way, I sleep with my satin bonnet and because the luxury butter is so rich most time I don’t need to reapply product, so in the morning I spritz with water, use my twist sponge and I’m good to go.


The “older” the twists get, the better it looks to me so this style can easily run me into 2 weeks without any high manipulation.



The Final Look:

Here’s the final look! I tidy up any straying hair and fluff appropriately to achieve the shape I like.


Rode Set Complete :)

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Can’t wait to see what looks you achieve using your MyCrownofCurls products. Happy styling!




Shaquille Millar is a wife to an amazing husband, islander from Barbados, lifestyle blogger at and lover of butterflies. She has been a consistent naturalista for over 5+ years after experiencing different styles some years ago. In 2011, she decided to return to lose natural hair after having locs for over 4 years. In December 2016 she decided to take the plunge and try a tapered cut and she has never looked back since. She enjoys being a wife and sharing about her faith and life experiences to equip and empower other women to become all they are created to be.


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